Friday, March 30, 2012

A Busy week

what a life... Starting Last week it was a non stop obligations for me . the due date for my asignment is just around the corner.

I did some but many to go.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A price to pay for

we went to ipoh parade last sunday. As Usual danny Would be at his favourite place, toys.

He was so fond with Ben 10. He loved to collect all the characters in that series and there were many of them. Outnumbered with my greens.

suddenly,his eyes glued at the omnitrick or many tricks. sort of wrist watch that Ben1O wears. Darn! It wasn't cheap! It's from bandai.

I tried to consult him... giving rationales between needs and necessities. yet he chose it.. leaving me with no options .. other than to buy it.

but I did give a simple mou between him and I. He must pay me back. not with money but with doing his homework. Each RM Would cost him a page of homework. He aggred with the T and C.

There are l69 pages to go and I hope he would finish them as soon as possible.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012


Yup.... I bought samsung galaxy note,last sunday. This was my first time l used Samsung.
My first impression , superb. I thought l can wait for nokia 808, but im sure its gonna take months to arrive here so what the heck..Lets try Samsung Note!

This is the post, the first post im using the stylus pen. Wow! Its easier than typing like we normally do. No wonder they named it Samsung Note. To take note.

I think the rest, its all the same with Samsung S2 except for its size. Equipped with I .4 ghz I don't know what, everything just pop up in less than your eyes could blinks.

Using stylus pen,I think it will be a lot easier for me to jot down any important notes without having any papers. I am green and mightier than bruce banner, MR incredible HULK! But I still amazed witn his muscles!

I have tried most of its functions, the camera took a very decent photos which satisfied me well !

It reminds me of Pda.. I will update often my blog... Anytime and anywhere...

samsung galaxy note... youll never Stylus alone!!!

darn! Its 1O past 2, am. Time to sleep.

SKL TalkDelicious using SG NOTE!

Monday, March 26, 2012


I took part in a fishing competition organised by the local authoritiy. It began at 9am and finished by 12.

There were nearly 150 fishing rode had been cast on that day including mine. It was my first so I was a bit nervous.

Within 3 hours, the place was filled with laughter and silence killer. There are 10 winners to be declared with their catch. The biggest regardless type is the main target for everyone.

After 3 hours... It was them but not me among the blessed one. 6.7kg african catfish tamed by a lucky angler who walked away with rm1000 or usd330 with a registration fee rm30/usd9... Darn... Luck was on his

For myself, I walked away with the mother of all..... EXPERIENCED!

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

My third item Motorola milestone

Its gone to the respective new owner. My camera, my tabby and my android.

I used my android to snap photos and to update my blog. Later I found one application known as remote desktop that could be used to synchronise my laptop to my android. I used it for my teaching in the classroom especially for powerpoint presentations. You can move around rather than sitting near the laptop to click the mouse.

Now, left for me is my Nokia N8 which I love the most. This Nokia I think I will be using it quite number of days.

But next week, You will never know...

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Tapah rest house

Yesterday we went to Tapah Rest House. It was a nice place situated on top of a hill. The reason we went there because that is the only place where we could have our black pepper chicken chop.
The taste was great and as we know, good taste does not come cheaper..

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That time will come, one day we'll see.........
It will take a few months before I am able to savor once again, the power of 41 megapixel nokia 808!


Thursday, March 22, 2012


There goes my tabby. Yesterday I sold my sony dslr a380. Today it is my huawei ideos s7 (105) turn which i bought june last year. I seldom use the tabby because i have another phones to be used. No point of keeping so many, then this tabby needs a new owner. The owner is my colleague. Done.

My wife was surprised when she read my blog this morning. I didnt tell her that i was going to sell my camera because the decison had not been set yet. Later i told her, its gone. Actually i didnt release them for nothing, there must be reasons for that. Ive got two things which I planned for a replacement of the sold items. If I succeed, then I will post here, sharing for sure.

Time to sleep.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


When I first met her, i knew shes the one.
I recalled my hands were trembling when i touched her for the first time. Every curves, delicately touched by me. I wanted to savor such beauty never to miss a thing. She was equipped with a 14 megapixel,the highest pixel that I have had used so far. Indeed she was not only for the beauty, she did produce excellent images too.

She was lighter than the rest, easy to hold and firmly too. Some would mistaken she would tremble once the shot was taken but she proved them wrong, not one but two.

Tomorrow,would be the last day for her and I. She is not mine. But I will seal her with a kiss. For sure i will not kiss the new owner... who is a friend of mine too!

Goodbye SONY A 380, it was nice to share every moments with you... you are in here ( pointing at my heart)

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Monday, March 19, 2012



Our first photoshoot as a group.

Standing in the middle is the lady teacher that I mentioned before.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Engagement photoshoot

My friend, a lady teacher asked me to be the official photographer for her engagement and I accepted her request.

And there were three of us involved with different cameras that made our group unique.

We had canon 60d, nikon 6100 and also Sony a550 which I used.

Among the three, mine was considered a legend due to its age.

We had our own expertise. My nikon friend with 50mm, canon with 18-200mm and I used 11-18mm. By doing these we can shoot different angles and compositions.

The engagement took 4 hours to be completed. It was tiring no doubt but the enjoyment had flushed away our sweats.

After this, I think we are going to be the official wedding photographer for her if our team final product meets her requirements!

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I was trying to drill a hole, a small one. It was suppost to be a very simple drill. I used a world renowned drill, Black and Decker.

But it didnt turn up well, the wall/pillar (im not sure what to call that) was too hard to be drilled. I was sweating and running out of skills. Finally, I was able to to drill the wall for 5mm. It took me nearly one hour just to get 10mm of drilling for two holes.

I was not born with living skills. The best living skills that I practised was nearly 20 years ago when I managed to build a hutch for my rabbit. A single rabbit. It took me weeks to complete the task. My grandma would watch me doing my my work and sometimes she gave a few tips on how to build a hutch.

When it was done. My grandma smiled... at me ( I wonder why) After putting my rabbit safely in the hutch, I slept well that night.

Tomorrow, I lost my Roger. He escaped from the hutch.

Saturday, March 17, 2012


I went to the kitchen. I opened the fridge the closed it back. Once closed, I heard echoing sounds. It was like you were in a cave. Then you realised, it was time for you to stack the needs.

So I went to Tesco Kampar, a favourite place to buy most items.
As usual after swiping my tesco card, the next place would be the food court. Mostly on friday or sunday there were a lot of people, most of them trying to avoid to shop on saturday due to No Plastic Bag Campaign on that day.

We had claypot noodles for our lunch. It was not long before Danny made a special request, he wanted to play video games near the food court. He promised, it would be the last when i told him that he had played enough. I noticed something, he wanted me to play along... which meant he asked for a quality time with his father. In the name of quality time, 10 tokens for him. My son knew how to play with words so his father!

There is one video game which I feel quite interesting...the drummer.. you have to hit the drum or step on the pedal by matching them to the symbols on the screen. If you do it right, it will produce sounds that match with the tempo. It was fun, really.

I need to spend more time with him as he is growing fast.

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Friday, March 16, 2012

Danny's collections

Is on display.
He is going to fill the space, Im sure!

Three For thee

I bought 3 items For each. A cupboard For Danny, a table For my wife and a chair For me.

Danny is going to put all his collections starting from Ben 10 till spongebob which are his favourite characters.

My wife will put her gas stove and her cooking utensils.

I myself will sit on a new chair. It is blue and capable enough to hold/absorb my weight.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dato' Onn Jaafar

I knew him, but it was ages ago. So ages that i always mistaken him with his son.

But after i continued my study and writing my assignment .. I realised how important he was towards our independence. His bittersweets in politic, rejection and acceptance blended well made him one of the toughest leaders that we ever have had.

Surely he was not the one who stood in front of thousands to declare The freedom of our people yet his enthusiasms,visions and legacy remembered well by The people For The people.
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The lorax

We watched The lorax. The movie was great and predictable too.. Our eyes stuck on The Screen.

I bought a large size of popcorn.. It was huge and I could not finish it on time. Danny seemed to enjoy The movie

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Just to share

Just to share

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Today is my son's birthday. He is eight years old.

My wife and i had planned to take him to the cinema. We did this last year. Danny would enjoy himself.

I had booked tickets for us online so we would not be such in a hurry to buy them. Actually i booked the tickets twice. The first booked, it ended up at TGV Seberang Prai which is situated hundred kilometres away. Darn, i missed to see the place when i clicked proceed to payment. Luckilly, my wife noticed it so i made the second one. This time i got it right. So tomorrow morning, three of us will be at TGV Kinta City, Ipoh.

We seldom took danny to watch movie because we wanted to make it 'a special moment, a momento' for him when he grown up. He was lucky compared to us. My wife and I, at his age...we celebrated none. Life was hard for both families. We blamed no one.

So, tomorrow is a special day for us! It is threesome owesome!

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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

At our own pace

As i planned.. The whole day, Danny and i would spend our holiday at our own pace. We both had our own commitments. So it should keep us busy without any obstacles or interfierence from both parties.

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Monday, March 12, 2012


It was suppost to be a regular maintenance for my wife's car yet it turned up to be major.

Norman (my wife named her car) asked for more. 2 months ago, i had changed his class plate. He forked me out a quite number of greens.

Today, again,he is hungry. The greens are thicker than before and my sling bag is getting lighter... so contrast.

Norman is getting old by days but we still keep him by our side, he is my wife first... and he will always be....

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Left for me less than 3 weeks to complete my assignments. There are 4 to be exactly but 8 in total. I havent start to even click the first alphabet on my laptop.

Hopefully i can finish a few during this school holidays. I am running out of time. I need to be strong.

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