Monday, April 30, 2012

Sitting duck by Taxonamy Bloom

This is the part where I have to stop thinking. Taxonamy Bloom, there are 6 different types of questioning. Each is related so closely that you have to think more than usual which I seldom do.

Starting from scratch, I try my best to construct questions based on the level as required and it is not easy. no kidding!

It took me more than 3 hours just to set 6 questions that suitable for my year 1 pupils. Hopefully,what I did, is right enough to satisfy thee!

Darn, its time to sleep!

Sunday, April 29, 2012


Time waits no man. I do agree of that. My back is killing me as I am trying to race against time .

My assignments are too many to be finished within allocated time. Tomorrow is the last day for me to submit them. sounds like a rhyme!

Yet, I managed to spend my precious time by taking my family to the night market which is a few kilometres away.

2.28 am, too sleepy to write ! I shall countinue next time.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time Management

I am running out of time so I have to do two things at once. My blog will almost be pictures but to read them, you have to do it at Flickr.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Still Mona Gersang is not here.
Very naughty... Haha!

My Grandma

My Grandma by Kulop Ludin
My Grandma a photo by Kulop Ludin on Flickr.

Monday, April 16, 2012


We went to Stadium Indera Mulia, Ipoh.
I bought a tabby for danny so that he would be able to play his angry birds without using mine or his mum handset.

It was only rm249 and fair enough for him. As usual.... It followed by rules and regulations which he has to bear.

He enjoyed it much. And he has to pay with a good result for this coming Mid Term Exam.

I begin sequencing my speech orderly if he has'nt. Suit him well.....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A little bit of sweat here and there

It was a day off in conjuction of the installation of our new king. So, I took the liberty to squeeze a bit of my good fat by playing badminton and kicking a ball with danny and my wife.

We both sweat a lot especially me. 30 minutes later we ended up sitting and facing our dinner. What an exercise!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

What a relief..

I was losing hope to find my stylus pen. In fact, yesterday about l2 am, using a flash light, I went all over the place just to find a needle on a haystack.

It lost for l3 hours.

Out of blue.. my wife told me, she found it. It was under my son's table.

I believe what's yours will always be yours. Thanks to my wife for finding my nemo again.

Darn I lost it.... samsung galaxy note

When I first bought my SG NOTE. I realised something was not right... the position of its stylus pen. It is located at the bottom of the set.

I had a feeling that one fine day, when the weather is clear, it is going to slip or drop. And I am right or rather to say I was right.

I dropped the pen.... lost it to whereabout I had no idea..... I had been searching high and low for that particular pen. Pointless... leaving me high and dry, really. I even retrack my last route, rewinding my steps. It was like finding your own root. Kunta kinte.

Due to that I began searching around the global for a replacement and Mr. Google was kind enough to guide me .... to Ebay.

Now at this very moment I'm using.... Samsung galaxy no NOTE....

Darn !

Sunday, April 8, 2012


It was interesting to listen to our own tutor explaining every pinch of grammar which one should mastered in order to understand THE English better.

My tutor is Madam Leela Chakrabarty. A soft spoken person, pleasing to the eyes and calming to our hearts.

My colleagues listened well. I could see them joting down notes to show how eager they were. The ink was in critical level as it was gradually decreased.

Indeed our group was blessed to be able to see in person with our own tutor.

Now, I am waiting for my friend who will pick me up for a lunch.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Just a few months to go

I love to go to Guardian pharmacy because we can get most products especially for the health products. Some say the price is a bit higher if we want to compare but I feel the place is condusive enough for everyone.

As I browse through for my usual item, multivites... I saw a product From 21st century it's written herbs for forty plus men. I stopped for awhile. It's not going to take a longtime for me to consume that.

And it scares me....

SKL TalkDelicious

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

thinking about danny

I still thinking about danny who slept for l6 hours after we had our celebration last Sunday He was so happy playing with me. It was a very simple game yet it meant a lot to him.

I should spend more time with him but lately it was getting lessen by days. when he asked some things I ignored.

I was so comfortable keeping to myself instead of danny.
He needs to break free and more attention from us.

we need to change.

SKL tallkdelicious.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Prize Giving Ceremony

the winners were declared beyond reasonable doubt! Hehe!

What we did during our celebration at Kuala Woh Tapah

It was one of the best celebration that we had so far.

Danny and I played together throwing and cathing ball which later it took him l6 hours of sleep to recover his strenght. He was dead tired.Hahaha.

Before we went home, we had another game. collecting seeds. we have to collect as many as we can within 5 minutes.

My wife collected 184,Danny 121 whereas for myself it was only 116! So the winner took away RM10, second runner up walked away with RM5. I thought I was fast enough....to compete with them but l wrong. you cant beat professional gamers like danny and his mother.

Again it was the best birthday celebration ever! I hoped my wife would enjoy them as much as we did !!

Sunday, April 1, 2012


Today is my wife' birthday. She turns 39 and amazingly she looked the same as the first time we met.

Tomorrow we plan to celebrate a small birthday party without any cake due time constrain which required undeniable attention

Happy Birthday Mak
from danny and I, we love you so much !

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