Thursday, May 31, 2012

a merc is not a Benz untill you live in it...

Having a beauty beast by your side is something that we are longing for.... Every curves simply defining the elegent of crafting. It is not about 300% malaysian tax beheaded most dreams for malaysian to embrace  the imported cars yet it never halt ones wish to own . Imagine to drive them.... World stands still. Its like having a white noise most of the time.

That is for the mercz owner... as for myself... Driving a kancil is more enjoyable,easy to park..slower than any other big cars. Less payment for road tax and insurance. Well known too...

There is no barrier  when it comes to dream.... Haih....

My grandma and l

My grandma wished to stay with me. I have no problem of that so last Monday I brought her to my house.

On Wednesday I sent her back. It was hard for her to adapt living in a box. Nothing much to be viewed. To be frank, I felt the same too.

And before I left... I told her to give me a call if she wanted to stay with me again....

Friday, May 25, 2012

school break!

Tomorrow is the last day before I can savor the sweetness smell of holidays. Its going to be 14 days of free mind clearing...

Ive come up with a few plans during this break. . Im going to create more subtle space,easy and clean working enviroment so ill be getting less and less sermon from my wife who concerns a lot about her son's safety while lingering/wondering at my place.. Hohoho....

Then maybe a short trip to places nearby.. where I can graze the sunset or sunrise...wearing bermuda pants with lemonade to quench my thirst...

Dimming my eyes..parallell to the horizon. Levelling my sight and slowly watching the sun swallowed by nature...

Building sandcastles under coconut trees with my son or treat my wife with good food will help to lighten/enlighten my wallet.

What a plan indeed!

Friday, May 11, 2012

time tied

Its hard to allocate my free time lately. Congested with daily routines,halted me to spend my time pleasurely with my son.
Only weekends, if the sky is clear Ill take him to the nearest park, Taman Malaysia.

Im flat over here in Tapah.. Its all the same except for the parking tickets which I'm getting more frequent than before.

Being "not so young" by days,Danny started to ask for my present or at least lending my 6 sense for him, made me consumed a lot of ginseng or extra supliments just to ensure I could cope with him.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Come prepared

I have finished my assignments, all of them, right on time. They are not perfect but im trying my best.

I still have to attend 10 hour class this coming Saturday. Then the next friday Ill be going to Kelantan and Terengganu for 3 days.

Its going to be full and busy weeks. Hopefully I can stand them!

Friday, May 4, 2012


I was struggling to complete my asignments. Its not easy. Multitasking.
I was sitting there.... Staring straight to the wall and hoping for any ideas to flow. But nothing happened.

So I decided to go out for a while and went to a local restaurant, found a good spot, sat and started writing using my SG note. Using stylus pen to jot down your thought was simply amazing.

My wife was a bit worried of me. Later, my son gave me a call asking my whereabout. I told him, I was searching for ideas. He bought that.

I sat there for 3 hours and I managed to complete my English asingment entitle "I hate my mother-in-law"

It was not easy, indeed!!! Darn!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A girl and her father

I was sitting at my usual place when a girl came to me and started to share her story. she is only seven and newly transffered to my school.A pretty small girl with bright eyes and neat appearence.

I was busy at that moment so I paid less attention to her . she kept on talking. I just nodding my head without looking.

Then it was silenced. I turned my head and saw, this little girl was staring at me. Through her eyes, she stole my attention.

"Sir, my father is coming home, tonight." It puzzled me.
I realised she was talking about her father. Little did I know, she is staying with her grandmother who is taking care of her needs.

I put my pen and started paying my undivided attention to her. She continued sharing her happiness.

It reflected my memories. Thinking about my father who passed away 12 years ago. His face, I hardly remembered and his smile I hardy seen.

I saw myself in her but in a different situation. She was so anxious for her father coming home whereby when I was at her age.... 33 years ago.. I did the same... Waiting for my father who did not knock the door until he met his fate.

I blamed him not. It was written on the wall and he left me less to be remembered.

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