Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Ramadhan 11

Today we break our fast at kampar. As usual, we aim for water... Its getting hotter by days. Something that we have to bear.
During this ramadhan... My wife is taking over my duty to pay all the bills. Its a relaxing moment for me .... Haha!

Makro And Night Shot

During ramadhan... I spent my morning free time to learn makro. It was not easy as we think. Totally different from potrait or landscape shooting. Your hands need to be stabile as a slight movement will blur your image.

I did a few night shots when I went to Teluk Intan a few days ago. Teluk Intan Tower amazed me with colourful lights that changed accordingly.

A Drybox For Your Lens

I bought myself a drybox so I would be able to keep my camera lens at peace. No more worrying about fungus. Hopefully I am right. I bought it online, a new way of buying items which I felt more cost effective rather than spending many hours to drive to and fro when buying things. But dont get too attempted with so call low price. Scammer do exist. Dont fall into their traps.

10th Day Of Ramadhan

We went to a rest house to break our fast. It was our second time. I was hoping that the dishes would be better than before and I was wrong. The meat still hard to chew and most of them were tasteless yet I saw others enjoyed themselves very much. It made me think twice. Is it the food or I am the one who is getting fussy over it? I sensed that after the 10th day of fasting, our appetite had been slightly changed. It was no longer as hungry as a horse like before. Hehe. But.... Water... The thirsty feeling due to hot weather seemed to be the first priority. No doubt... We aimed for that first. Tomorrow, im not sure which place would I choose. I am running out of places to enjoy the hapiness to fast with millions.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Updating my samsung galaxy note 4.0.4

Yup... Samsung released a new update for note. It is about time as my samsung galaxy note is much slower than before.

Once the firmware updated... Wow... It is better than before... Much faster and stabile.

How to update? Simple.
1. Setting-about phone-software update. Click and wait...
By then, you just wait and let your wifi take over..... It is advisable to use wifi to update as the file is huge nearly 100mb or if your note is still using gingerbread... I think it will be more than that.

I think ill stick to my note, perhaps another 4/5 months. (getting bored actually...)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Fasting month Day 4

I went to tanjung malim and three of us would break our fast at the famous nasi briyani gam prima. I had tested the nasi briyani before and it was simply delicious.... Yummylicious!

The journey was about an hour with my type of driving. Once reached, we booked our table then later we continued our ramadhan outing to the nearest bazaar which was only a few hundred metres from the restaurant.

I brought along my sony a65 pairing with my tamron sp 70200 f2.8 for learning mode. Its huge lens that made people turned their heads. Maybe they thought I am a photojournalist...of course,not for sure. I shot a few and as usual uploaded them to fb and flickr.

When we had our fast broke, my wife told me... The food is great.... Danny aggreed after he consumed a whole murtabak by himself....leaving me blinking my eyes.

Tomorrow... Im not sure which bazar ramadhan should I choose. It depends on the weather....time..... mood too!

Happy fasting my friends and happy testing too!
SKL TalkDelicious!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Fasting month Day 1

Danny at his favourite place. First day of fasting month testing him to halt his usual routines. In fact I sensed that he was better than me when handling the anger management.

He took it well whereas for myself... My nikotin level seemed affecting my judgement most of the time.

Yet I managed to minimize the effect by having a few meals which I bought from bazaar ramadhan here in Tapah.

Then again, I was put to test. Most of my favourite food turned out to be the worst one. I bought asam pedas stingray (kikiki).... A single bit of it... made you think twice.... Whether you tongue is mulfunctioning or it just me who didnt know how to enjoy the thick smell of the fish.

During fasting month homo sapiens are so eager to offer their best, no doubt their attention is pure but they should keep their feet, both on the ground as we are not the lab rats to be tested everyday with their so called good food.

Happy fasting my friends and happy testing too!
SKL TalkDelicious!

Friday, July 20, 2012


dapat dari FB... Harap dapat membantu!!!

HIDUP KEKADANG SELAMBA! kulop ludin spenda pintal getah

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Losing kilos

I bought this takasima exercise bicycle from a friend for rm300. I plan to lose some weight.. Many kilos to be exact. I am not alone, my wife too.

It has two ways of exercising. Cycling or jogging. I choose cycling mode because it is more "me" , to be frank I did try the jogging mode.... After a few metres.... I feel like Im going to pass out...point blank!

We both choose cycling mode..... 10km everyday should be moderate enough for us. After two weeks, no one is crying silently like before while stepping on the scale which begging for mercy everytime.

We loose weight.... Loose a bit here and there. Hopefully.... Its not going to be "warm2 chicken shit"... Huhu!

*domino's pizza kampar: great pizza!!!! Love it!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Off to watch spiderman 3d

Today we are going to watch spiderman 3d. Its in big cinema teluk intan....
Off we go.....hopefully ill be at the right place....

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yup samsung galaxy III

After using my galaxy note for over a month, I realised it is a good phablet. Multitasking to accomodate my daily routines. Fit firmly on my palm and the camera is surprisingly superb.

Then later I feel uncomfortable to savor all the greatness of having a samsung galaxy note by myside so I think my wife should too...

Samsung SIII for her. She seemed to enjoy it so much but it takes time for her to understand the beauty of androidy.... To be frank I havent got a chance to probe deeply into her samsung sIII as time constrain.

I love when we touch the lcd... It produced blup2 sound like youre touching a water surface. No wonder. Samsung mentioned it made for human.......

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