Sunday, August 19, 2012

Selamat Hari Raya 2012

After 29 days of fasting.... Finally its time for us to celebrate Hari Raya. For this Hari Raya danny chose orange as our official Baju Raya. We looked stunning.... So same as before on the first day, I would spend small amount of time to have our family potrait taken. That as a must. It was hard to allocate such time but a photo will tell a story one day

Selamat Hari Raya to all my readers.... And thanks to my wife who wakes us for sahur!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Day Of Fasting 2012

It is going to be the last of 30 days fasting. My reaction is rather mixed. It is not easy to halt what you used to do during days just to show that you bow of what you believe. There is no question about it. Obedience to the creator of this life is such an honour if you are capable to follow rules not by force but by the sincerity within yours

To test how powerful you are in every situation during Ramadhan.. I take the oppurtinity to start my motorcye after many months leave of leaving it unattented

It took me more than 50 kickstart... Darn... I was sweating and thirsty. After its alive... I rode to a nearby worshop for servicing.

I imagined a jug of orange juice would clear my throat but I dint. Because... If I managed to survive 28 days of fasting, I dont want to take a chance to blow it away just for 1 day of having a glass of water.

I feel strong.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Happy 40th Birthday For Me

life begins at 40. Yup... Today is my birthday. I feel a bit different because when I refresh my life 10 years ago it seems like yesterday. I got married when I was 31... A bit late starter yet I made a good choice. A year after, we had danny in our life.

Im looking forward to see if there is any changes in my life, spiritually by means. Hopefully the next 10 years would be better than before.

Happy birthday to SKL TalkDelicious

me... The last of 39!

Monday, August 13, 2012

A Kia Spectra For Me

My uncle sold his car, kia spectra. He planned to buy a new mpv. He asked me whether I have keen interest to buy his car. After discussion with my wife, we aggred. So last saturday we went to my uncle's house by train.

When I was in train... I realised it has been 35 years,the last time, I was 5 to be in the train ride. It reflected too much memories of my parents which 4 years later they divorced. I was left without knowing where was my father about till the year 2000 but he was gone permanently

Once I got the key, it was my time to drive the car which was fully automatic transmission! Darn... Never in my life to drive a car with auto thingies. I made a few test to drive around the park then after getting the tune... I brave myself to start my journey to my hometown.

My wife is the one who keeps on reminding me about not to touch the gear.... Hehehe.... The ride was smooth.... After one hour of driving, I began to feel the ease of using auto.... Getting to like it!

Yet I still need my wife to remind me!

Friday, August 10, 2012


Using dropbox as your virtual "thumbdrive" is very useful especially when you want to acces and share your files with your friends. Its free too!

For those who use android based phone, you can download dropbox apk at the google playstore. Install and log in using your dropbox account. It will synchronise your dropbox and from the phone you can share/download your files if you wish to view them on your android phone.

It is safe and fast too! Having dropbox installed, you are no longer worry about not to bring along your thumbdrive as your files are floating on the clouds

To use this service, you need an email and the skill to click "next" as the minimal requirement to install dropbox. I think that would be no problem at all....as you are so used to click "like" status in the Facebook!

I did put a link on the left column of this blog. Give it a try!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ramadhan 15

ramadhan 15 we went to teluk intan. just before the first bridge there is a restaurant on right. We have been looking at this restaurant more than years but we didnt stop.

as usual... We arrived just a few minutes before breaking the fast time that required us to wait at least 30 minutes for our food. I think we are used to it and my wife bought a few drinks as preparation. She is well prepared for her hubby and her son

By 8.30pm we head back to tapah. 15 more days to go before Hari Raya.

Ramadhan 14

It has been 14 days of fasting. I feel a bit lighter, rhetorically it is my wallet... The numbers above indicating Im losing weight gradually.50 days for 3kg....

We went to kampar as danny asked for roti canai to break his fast.

my fried noodles is not that good

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