Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Dann tired

I have been working for 10 straight days none stop. My mind and my body are now tired. I try my best to cope with all the tasks but they keep on coming.

I need a goodnight sleep and at least a day rest.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Learn to blog

I was sitting at the back and listening to my lecturer who taught us how to create a blog.

Everyone was so excited, jotting down notes and asking friends maybe it was their first to own.

I am a bit lucky as I did that a few years ago. Now i am waiting the time to be released after two days of listening.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

5 Days away from home

Yup, after I went for a road trip to Cameron Highlands on Sunday then on Monday morning I was here in Ampang for a course that I have to attend for 5 days which means I will be away from home. As usual, a lovely husband would miss his family very much. Undeniable.

Here I met with my once a year friends. We had good times chatting and sharing our stories. My roommate ( I knew for more than 10 years ) was a great man from Sungkai. (right now, He is sleeping)

It is going to be a busy month for me. Hopefully.. I would be able to find peace in order to manage my time well.

Its time to sleep...

Monday, September 17, 2012

On top of gunung brinchang

As I mentioned it before, finally I was on top of brinchang mountain. 6666 feet above the sea level.

The road was slippery and steep. To be frank, it scared out of me. I tried my best to keep my balance especially when riding down the hill. I was the slowest among the riders. Actually it was my first experience to ride on such situation.

The place was surrounded with thick fog. I could not see Ipoh and the ocean due to bad weather.

To be continue... ( exhausted and sleepy too)

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Tomorrow will be a very long day

I will be going to Cameron highlands. This time it is a bit different because the journey will be in a group and it is riding not driving.

Usually it will take one and half hour to reach the place in slow mode. And Usually I will be on that mode most of the time.

Friend of mine told me that friend of him will take us to the top of a special place that we would be able to view Ipoh and the ocean from distance. Both places are hundred kilometers away. I will share them.. The views.

I keep on thinking about the lens that I should use or bring along. I think I will rely on my Nokia 808. Hopefully it will produce great photos as promised.

It is almost 2 am in the morning. Time to sleep.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

This product is very good

Last Thursday i had to attend a meeting which 2 hours later resulting me to have an instant dizzy equally to migraine.

Once finished, my friend and I decided to loose some steams by having tea at nearby mamak stall. We had our fried noodles and a Great chat too.

After enjoying our fried noodles, shaking hands and waived for goodbye. It was time for me to make a move.

As I was about getting into my car, i realised i had parked my car just right in front of a shop that selling car accessories.

Giving a few thought.. I asked the shop owner if he had any products that could be used to make my car headlamps more clearer. He told me he had this special kind of wax that suitable for that kind of job. Confidently. I agreed.

He started to polish them. While doing so he kept on sharing a few tips on how to take care of your lights. I listened attentively.

He asked me to see the differences between before and after. I told him they were about the same.. Or at least 15% clearer than before.

He suggested me to replace the whole set of lights with the new one.

I paid rm15 for the 15% clearer.

People do talk delicious!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

To raise a single child

I think I did not give enough attention to Danny. We did talk while we were on our way to school. He loved to tell jokes and I listened to him attentively. But once we arrived at school, it just changed.

He seemed to be worried when I was looking or staring at him. There was a barrier in a relationship between a son and his father. I did not give any special attention to him as I treated all the pupils the same.

He had to Que for food and drinks whereas I saw some of my colleagues had prepared them earlier for their children.

I wanted him to learn on how to handle things by himself without relying me too much.

I sensed that He was trying his best not to create problems in school. Is it because of me? I am not sure.

Am I too harsh? I still wonder..

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

A visit from the past

My only younger sister paid a visit. She is getting married to someone from kg gajah.

As I am the only brother that she has so she needs me to be her wali on behalf of our late father.

I need to sign a few papers ,documents to be settled within this few days.

Next week I will not be around as I have to attend meetings in Kuala Lumpur. It will take the whole week.

Time is running short/wild and my mind diverging. Hopefully I am capable to handle those calmly.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Aeon station 18

We went to aeon station 18 which was quite a distance from my place. It was our first.

My son and wife were hungry at that time. Both of them sat uncomfortable in the car as I didnt say any words of where we were going.

About 30 minutes from the nearest point, we arrived. Actually the whole journey took about more than one hour to be reached.

There... Stood the biggest aeon (previously jusco) building. We made a few rounds which covered less than 40% as danny was complaining about being hungry.

He chose secret recipe restaurant which I declined first but later I agreed as he asked for that big size curry puff that only could be found at the place.

We spent less than 2 hours as tomorrow is a school day for both of us.

Maybe Ill be going to aeon again.... Our aircond seemed to be mulfunction, it trigged the main switch once turned on. This time, we aim for mobile...

Lucky me, it was a rainy days here in Tapah for the past few days. The urge to replace is a little bit can be negotiate with my wallet. Hehe....

Friday, September 7, 2012

Nokia 808 first shot

Just to share the first shot from my Nokia 808 pure view.

I will write my own review once I understand how to use 41 megapixel size camera phone.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I went to low yatt

My new xbox was sudden death, I had to return it to the place that I bought last month. It is in low yatt. A place where you can get most gadgets around the global especially made in china ( just to name).

It went well at first untill the saleperson mentioned about playing too long...overheated and so on... He did touch a bit about the warranty which for sure my right.

I looked straight into his eyes and told him the set was in the state of "ring of death" which means it is due to hardware failure (based on the forums and blogs.... Man.... I did my research too.....)

I have to left my set there... For sure.
Now, it just wait and see situation.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Hotel putra lumut sept 2012

Aku bercuti lagi ke lumut. Tempat tu je dekat dengan laut... Kalau sungai tu... Kuala Woh dah cukup.

Seperti biasa aku akan pilih hotel putra boleh dikatakan tiap2 tahun camtu walopon dalam bilik berbau cekam... Aku tetap pilih hotel nie sebab dekat dengan segala2nya.

Tapi setelah aku talipon macam biasa, operator auto kata nombor yang anda dail tiada dalam perkhidmatan. Malahan orang rumah aku telepon majlis daerah... Dema pon bagi nombor yang sama.

So aku mintak member aku yang dok sana siasat. Katanya hotel tu dah berantai pintu masuk. Aku muskil.

Aku akhirnya booking teluk batik resort (nanti le aku cete camne lak tinggal kat situ)

Hari kedua aku melawat pekan lumut dan kebetulan kete aku parking betul2 depan hotel putra lumut. Ya, mmg betul hotel tu dah ditutup samada sementara atau menunggu owner yang baru.

Aku berharap hotel putra lumut dapat meneruskan kembali operasi. Dengan harapan, penambahbaikan mesti cemerlang.

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