Thursday, October 25, 2012

My son is a prefect.

My son is going to be a prefect in his school. I wonder if  he is ready. He just eight  and still sucking his thumb.

When I told my wife the news she seemed to be surprised. I'm sure she was proud of her son. We didn't tell Danny as we wanted to keep it as a surprised that to be revealed in one or two months time.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A friend is also a mother

I met her 13 years ago. 4 years after,she was mine. Then  came Danny our son. And now there are three of us.  Before she came into my life,  I met many.  They were good no doubt but none of them were the best.

She asked for less. A very moderate person.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just because I seldom voice out....

A few phrases would cause a relationship sore. Friend of mine was trying to break the ice early in the morning. His attention was totally pure yet the timing was wrong.

First he was questioning about my role as a leader in my workplace in a cynical way. I kept quiet. Then he went on, asking whether I could quit from the task given by my superior. Wow... He got balls...but this time he just passed his head including mine.

Slowly I stiched my words, trying to be subtle...enough to make ones regretted of their action. Without looking at him, I said... "bro... Youre not suppose to say that"

I saw he was shocked. His face turned pale. He tried to make a few adjustments of his statements yet it was too late.

I bow the sign of aging, I changed the topic.. yet it didnt clear the smoke.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Fever mode

I was trying to get hold of myself for the past month. Mentally and phsically stressed due to heavy workload and today my body shows how tired it is. It shows me the first sign,fever.

I went for a course in the morning. It was like yesterday. Sit and listen but when I had my lunch break, I started to shiver and felt cold. I tried to control but it was getting worst so I went home.

Then I ended up lying on my bed. I didnt continue for the afternoon session. Im sure they were looking for me as the organizer stressed on the attendance yet nothing much could be done as I didnt have their numbers.

At this very moment.... I am still in fever mode with eyes scourching for pillows.

Kssr pendidikan moral course 2012

Sitting here with eyes wide closed.
I got this concentration problem. I try my best to listen.. Yup I did,yet but those infos were much too heavy to be handle by my petite brain. Hik2!

There are two more days to go. I am really tired. It has been a non stop month for me. Starting 15 september till now... My mind and body are begging for break but it is not going to be happened. I have to clear and bear with the task given.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tapah tf value mart

It's here in tapah.
It was the opening day and everyone was excited to welcome it.

Since morning someone told me that tapah was packed with vehicles that caused massive jammed. Homo sapiens were everywhere as they took the liberty to be the first amongst.

I was one of them. In order to avoid the traffic, I didn't drive, I chose to ride on my bike. Lucky me I was right.

It's hard to buy things without having to bump someone's.

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