Sunday, March 24, 2013

Tapah got carnival

It was 2 days carnival. Astro Belia, I forgot the theme. I went there ( Tapah Mini Stadium) in the afternoon so there were less people and empty booths too.

I met a friend and he told me there will be a concert with popular singers entertain the crowds. I looked up the sky and it was dark. I thought, it is going to rain...

I walked to a booth and I saw broadband modems. Getting interested with MiFI modem, I asked the salesgirl which looked nice in blue T-shirt. The first word came out from her mouth, killed my wish instantly.


The conversation didnt last long.

I didnt go for the concert as it was not my cup of tea. But tomorrow there will be a song competition and I give a thought to snap a few pictures, practising my photographic skills.

Its 2 am... time to talk softly to my pillows...

Haih.... "uncle" youngsters nowadays are getting better and better.... with their eyesight!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

SPM 2013 AND SPM 1989

Tomorrow is a big day for those who sat for Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia ( SPM). They will be getting their result. I'm sure most of them are restless. . Unable to sleep well. Butterfly is in the stomach.  Fluttering all over them inside  out I can sense.

Some will cry for joy and many will cry for the unexpected result. Whatever the choice is.. its all done. We just have to wait and let the press do their job.

Because of that spm... it clicks my mind to share the story of me sitting for the same exam way back 14 years ago.....

Once I had finished my spm, I returned to my hometown. 

Damn... im sleepy. .. cant continue...
Need to sleep....


Sunday, March 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Grand

Yup, I bought myself a samsung galaxy grand... running with 2 simkads. Im getting connected with this very world. 5 inch display with jelly bean what else could one ask for! Its like having samsung s3 combined with samsung note 2 together.....

The size suits well in your palm but I still need two hands for texting... hehe..

2 days after I bought my samsung galaxy grand...... Samsung launched another new product... Samsung Galaxy S4...


Friday, March 15, 2013

My son, he is nine

14 March is my son's birthday.  This year he is going to be nine and actually was.

We bought a medium size cake, a chocolate cake to be precised. And a box which was wrapped in a simple way.

A birthday song and kisses on cheeks.  We wished him a very happy birthday. It was a simple celebration for three of us. 

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2. RANCANGAN PENGAJARAN HARIAN DUNIA SENI VISUAL TAHUN SATU (ada berbelas jadi boleh lea kome ejas2 ngikot kesesuaian tempat krojea memasing)

-ada bahan2 bersifat draf jadi kepada mereka yang berkenaan hendaklah merujuk info2 terkini.
-aku kongsi jadi disklaimer macam biasa le..

download di bawah

1. rancangan tahunan dunia seni visual tahun satu kssr

2. rancangan pengajaran harian DSV Kssr tahun satu.

*kredit to guru2 seni batang padang not to forget JU2nya juga..

* aku dah change link download, jadi kome leh donlod terus as premium user!! dan aku izinkan kome add link ke blog kome tapi kalau boleh backlink ke blog aku yea... hehe... tak paksa tapi apa salahnyea..



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